Ma-in-love tayo sa Ali-bi-jaban

I have been wanting to travel to this Island as part of my “Exploring Quezon Province” bucket list.
Then my friend, who makes tours, invited me to this event so why would i say No.

LOCATION: Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon
TRAVEL TIME from SLEX : 7-8hrs + 30mins
TRAVEL BY: Private Van + Boat Ride
BUDGET : Free!!! Joke, Php 2450 (inclusive of van transfer, boat ride, 2 meals)
HOW TO GET THERE via DIY: Check Freedomwall’s blog

My Itinerary:
I can’t remember the exact date and time I was invited on this event. As far as I remember I was invited 2 weeks before the said event and of course I immediately said Yes.

However below is our real Itinerary (for the original IT, check the Wevoluntour website)

Day 1: February 13, 2016, Saturday
00:30 am – departure from Shell EDSA-Ayala
07:00 am – ETA San Andres, breakfast (on pax account) and buying of lunch
**MAKE SURE TO BUY FOOD from the Market, there are sari sari stores in Purok 1 but, they only have limited supplies.
08:30 am – ETA Port, boat transfer
09:00 am – ETA Alibijaban Island (free time)
11:30 am – Lunch
**Open time to explore the Island, but we instead choose to just sleep, read books, or played in the sand.. that’s why you call it beach bumming.
3:00 pm – Started our so called Island Hopping by boat, but really you can just walk to get to the other side of the Island. However because afternoons are usually High tide, you have to take a boat.
07:00 pm – Dinner (c/o WE VolunTour)
08:00 pm to sawa socials

Day 2: February 14, Sunday
07:00 am brunch (c/o WE VolunTour)
08;00 am – explored the island again, by going to the same spot we went yesterday, Since it’s low tide in the morning, we now explored on foot.
09:30 am – 1st Group’s ETD from Alibijaban Island to visit Tigbi Falls
11:30 am – 2nd Group’s ETD from Alibijaban Island (this group includes me)
01:30 am – waited for first  group at Port of San Francisco, Quezon
04:00 pm ETD San Francisco
11:00 pm ETA Alabang

The campsite. We chose to stay at purok 1 so we can easily buy ice or other items we need to prepare for our meals
This kid pretty much enjoyed his day playing in the sand under the sun
Mangroves. View of purok dos at around 4pm


Sun had set already while we’re on our way back to purok 1


Playing with Alibijaban kids before breakfast the next day.


Mangroves. Low tide.


Quezon’s beaches never cease to amaze me. That’s why I will not stop on exploring the province of Quezon.

For more photos, click here

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