Semana Santa ala Pampanga

Every year holy week is just a Normal day for us since I always choose to work during these days, why?
1. Avoid being stranded in bus stations or airports.
2. Avoid a lot of people clogging in different provinces, beaches, hugot places, and so on.
3. Enjoy the empty streets of metro manila, no traffic and atleast once a year you’d ask yourself, is there a speed limit in EDSA? and lastly,
4. Double Pay.

A few months ago, me and my friends from Wevoluntour, decided to spend the holy week in Sta. Rita, Pampanga, as this is the hometown of one of them.

She told us that they own a lot of catholic Statues, and every Black Friday at around 5pm, a parade of statues is held which tells the story of Christ’s suffering, from the time he was baptized by John the baptist, Mary Magdalene wiping His face, Crucifixion and so on.

Maundy Thursday
5:00 pm – ETD from Glorietta
7:00 pm – Settled in at our Friend’s place
8:30 pm – we started the Visita Iglesia From Sta. Rita to San Fernando Pampanga Churches
Caution: Heavy Traffic ahead

NOTE: It’s nice that 5 out of 7 churches we visited, taking pictures is prohibited inside the church. But guess what happened? Yep, social media likes are more important now than following a simple request like this. Oh well…

1:30 am – we’re done with the visita iglesia
2:00 am – lights out

1 of the 2 pictures I have on our Visita Iglesia. Sunken church in Bacolor Pampanga

The next day, we went to Cutud, San Fernando Pampanga, to view the Re-enactment of christ’s crucifixion. However because we didn’t anticipate that we will be late, we’re only able to witness a few flagellants or penitentes but not the crucifixion itself, so we just ended up taking pictures of what’s left.


His yearly devotion during lenten season is to be nailed in the cross like Jesus

After a few photos taken, we went back to Sta. Rita to rest and wait for the procession of Catholic Statues.

At 5:30 pm, we then watched the procession.


For more Images click here

Black Saturday
8:30 am – we left our friend’s humble abode so we arrive in Manila early with less congestion in the Road. Another reason is that my friend Ralph will be watching the 8hour long movie “Hele sa hiwagang hapis“.

By almost 11:00 am we’re back in the Metro and I can’t remember the exact time we arrived home.

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