Masungi Georeserve

What is Georeserve? I honestly don’t know. I have been googling about it, but even google doesn’t give me the meaning of it. But I guess it’s of “Geo = relates to earth” + “Reserve = Something to keep”. Anyone? Let me know.

LOCATION: km 45 Marcos Hi-way Tanay, Rizal
TRAVEL TIME from EDSA-Ayala : 1.5hrs w/o traffic
TRAVEL BY: Private Van
BUDGET : Php 1400 (entrance) + Php 325 (van including driver’s meal)

The term Masungi came from the term Masungki, meaning “spiked”. Masungi Georeserve according to their website is a conservation area and a rustic rock garden tucked in the rainforests of Rizal.

Inside the park, there are different spots where you can sit and rest, take pictures, and eat. Yes eat. Even though during orientation, we were told that eating is prohibited, which is true. However, part of the Php 1400 fee includes snacks that will be given halfway of the trail.

What else is included in Php 1400 fee?
– SNACKS (as mentioned above)
:: wheat bread
:: tuna spread (home made, i think)
:: fruits
:: calamansi juice
NOTE: the menu varies per tour

– 500 ml of water (I would suggest you bring also your own water)

– backpack
– binoculars
– whistle
– safety helmet

NOTE: All items should be returned in the condition you received them

Day 1 (April 1, 2016 – April fools)
12:04 pm – A friend (Danilow) sent me a message on viber asking if i want to go to Masungi tomorrow
– I asked details such as how much etc
– I was torn because I have some errands to do
– asked another Friend (Friend 2) if the place is worth it because he’s been there before it was called a GEORESERVE
12:18 pm – told Danilow I will confirm in an hour
12:20 pm -Friend 2 asked if he could come
– asked Danilow if I could have a plus 1 and he said yes
12:40 pm – confirmed my presence with a plus 1
*yep I’m that easy to invite and I don’t care if I’m the last option here, I’m glad that atleast I was an option (come on this is not love so being an option is okay #hugot)
1:00 pm – confirmed with Danilow that this is not an April fool’s prank and he told me I’m crazy and that it is not

Day 2 (April 2,2016)
6:30 am – meet up time
– Friend 2 is already there with Danilow’s friends
6:54 am – arrived at the meet up place, yes I was late I am so sorry. I stayed at the office late last night
7:10 am – Danilow is nowhere to be found
7:15 am – been calling him since 6:30am and he finally answered my call… HE JUST WOKE UP!
8:00 am – we picked up Danilow along the way
9:50 am we’re at km 55 in Marcos Hiway
10:35 am – we’re late in our schedule which should’ve been at 10:30 am, but we missed the entrance gate at km 48
11:30 am – Start Trek
**Extreme activity and picture Galore along the trek
3:00 pm – we finished around this time and didnt take any showers anymore. We got in the van, just changed our clothes and off we go.
SIDETRIPS : Antipolo church

I can’t remember the time I got home. But it’s no later than 7pm, by the way I live in the south of Metro Manila.

The Masungi backpack that was lent during the trail. I wish I could take 1 home 🙁
Ang “Duyan” (hammock). Danilow and his friends stayed here for more photo ops and just to rest. And staying here is amazing, you can even sleep in this huge hammock


Yungib ni Ruben. This is where our snacks were served
Bago dumating sa “Tagpuan”
Human spider web… Thanks to kuya ric, as he is the one responsible for creating this and the other views such as the “duyan” above. When we left, kuya ric is creating another masterpiece which I guess we’ll have to see on our next visit




NOTE : On April 3, 2016, the day after our visit at this place, there was shooting for some reason. I don’t want to take sides because I honestly don’t know what’s going on. As per the Facebook page of Save Masungi Movement, it seems that someone claims that this property is owned by someone else. I don’t want to say more, just visit their Facebook page (which was also shared in the Masungi Georeserve page and read/ watch the video yourself, specially that before it was open for tourists, government was also trying to get income from the said place. Oh well.

Anyway, Park rangers explained to us how the developers/ private company who manages this place and them selves take good care of this place. It sucks that here in the philippines most beautiful places and parks within your reach is owned by, or developed by private sectors and the government just ran after them so they can collect tax…. Oops I dont want to get carried away.

If you’re interested for more photos about Masungi GeoReserve, Click here

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